Mangled Flesh Supreme (2008)


1.  "Fundamental Gore" 00:36

2. "Rebellious Tissue? Strike With Hate!" 00:55

3. "Facial Mutilations" 00:36

4. "Killing Spree: Relentless Gutting" 00:58

5. "I Dream of Amputations" 00:39
6. "Human Slaughter Till the Very End" 01:14


"Turn it off!"
- Anatomy of the Heads



The following demo contains extreme and terrifying descriptions of intense gore, any kind of -philia there is and subliminal references towards Rob Schneider. By proceeding, you acknowledge the irreversible transformation of your musical sensibilities and accept the consequences of embracing this vile masterpiece. You have been warned. Listener discretion is advised.


Liner Notes:

Behold, mortals, the accursed relic known as "Mangled Flesh Supreme," an auditory abomination that has, until this moment, remained hidden within the very bowels of our collective subconscious. "Mangled Flesh Supreme" is a forbidden offering from a bygone era, where musical competency was but a distant dream. It emerges from a time when chaos reigned supreme, and the boundaries of auditory sanity were gleefully obliterated. You are about to descend into the abyss of this unparalleled auditory atrocity, where distorted riffs and cacophonous drums collide in a chaotic dance of dissonance. The lyrics, if one dare decipher them, speak of unspeakable horrors that defy human comprehension.


As some of you might recall from our recent interview track, "Crooked Souls in Deranged Bodies," we once harbored aspirations in the realm of goregrind. While those aspirations were never fully realized, we dabbled in the genre, hoping to grind up a few bodies. Picture this: a cramped, multipurpose Cafegymatorium at our university at 1 AM, where we gathered to jam and experiment. Armed with nothing more than a single microphone, we hit the record button and let the chaos unfold. The result? "Mangled Flesh Supreme" – a raw and unfiltered 5-minute-long sonic onslaught that showcases our early, admittedly incompetent foray into the world of grindcore. Although "Mangled Flesh Supreme" is just one of several unreleased demos from this era, it stands as a testament to our humble beginnings. It's a glimpse into the primordial ooze of Anatomy of the Heads, a snapshot of a time when we were still discovering our sound and try to conform to genre expectations.


Dr. Michael van Gore - Corpsegrinder & Cadaverous Cleric of the Six-String Anal Prolapse
Dr. Fisch - Lord of the Six-String Lymphoma
Dr. J. Heydenreich - The Pus Prince of Four-String Terror
Dr. L. Niño Sahilatua - Mucus Magistrate of Heavy Poundings
The Corpse of Gianna Michaels - Cheerleader



1. Fundamental Gore

Slicing through flesh - grotesque delight,

Unleashing carnage - gruesome sight,

Rivers of blood, rotten to the core, Embracing darkness…


[Solo - van Gore: Cruel and Unusual Punishment for All!]


Screams of agony - macabre choir,

Echoing through darkness - fueling our fire,

The stench of death, intoxicating and vile,

In this realm of gore, we revel and smile.

[Solo - Heydenreich: The Time of Purification is at Hand]


Rotten entrails, a symphony of decay,

Limb by limb, we dismember and slay,

Grinding bones, our relentless assault,

In the realms of gore, we never halt.


3. Facial Mutilations

Tearing apart the canvas of the face

It meets my hammer in a sickening embrace

Facial mutilations, a demented delight,

Shredded features, a lovely sight,


Bathing in gore, our ecstatic play,

Faces mangled and maimed,

forever in disarray.

[Solo - van Gore: Forever Scarred and Eternally Damned]


Isolation consumes, a world turned cruel,

Behind every disfigurement, a shattered soul


5. I dream of Amputations

In my sleep, I see the crimson flow,

Limbs detached, pain singing dull and low,

Lusting for the sight of severed flesh,

Amputated flesh turned into gruesome mesh.


I dream of amputations

I dream of amputations

I dream of amputations

I dream of amputations

[Solo - Heydenreich: Visions of dismemberment are haunting my sleep]


Limbs pile high, in an artistic display,

In this world of amputations, I'll forever stay,

No mercy or pity, just sadistic glee,

As I revel in pain and agony.


I dream of amputations

I dream of amputations

I dream of amputations

I dream of amputations

 [Solo - Fisch: A Macabre Ballet: The Sensuous Dance of Limbs]


As the dawn breaks, and reality sets in,

I'm left with the memories of my darkest sin.

2. Rebellious Tissue? Strike with Hate!

Surgical aggression, my weapon of choice,

Carving through skin, I silence your voice,

No room for rebellion, no place for dissent,

In this violent quest, your flesh I'll torment.


Tendons severed, bones shattered

Rebellious tissue, you shall be tamed!

Striking with hate, your defiance maimed,

[Solo - Fisch: On the Necrosadistic Desires of the Rich & Decadent]


Surgical aggression, my weapon of choice,

Carving through skin, I silence your voice,

No room for rebellion, no place for dissent,

In this violent quest, your flesh I'll torment.



4. Killing Spree: Relentless Gutting

With a rusty blade, I carve my way through,Flesh and bone,

I'll dismember you, no mercy or remorse, My Killing spree takes its course [Solo - L. Niño: The Gutting Starts to Pour]


Blood stains the walls, a world of hate and despair

Killing spree (Relentless gutting)

Blood and entrails rip and tear

[Solo - Fisch: Intestines Unravel Like Grotesque Art]

[Solo - van Gore: The Thrill of the Hunt]


Limbs scattered, organs strewn across the floor,

My sadistic pleasure, I can't ignore,

No one is spared from my wrath,

A savage predator on a blood-soaked path.

As the night draws to an end, and the screams fade away,

I revel in the aftermath, collecting heads for my display,

Killing spree complete, my hunger satiated,

Until the next time, when my urge is reignited.


6. Human Slaughter Till the Very End

The depths of depravity, a sickening descent,

The echoes of screams, the scent of torment,

Human slaughter, our morbid delight,

Ruthless butchery that haunts the night.

[Solo - L. Niño: Who ever heard of… A WORLD OF GORE!?]


Death stench permeates the air,

A feast for the vultures, a grotesque affair,

Bodies mutilated, drowned in despair,

We revel in carnage, this nightmare we share.


Flesh torn asunder, bones ripped apart

Human slaughter elevated to an art

We dance through the carnage, in demented ecstasy,

Till the very end, bloodshed sets us free.


Our faces won't bare a frown In this blood-soaked circus…

We wear the crown.

[Outro: Bloodshed shall reign]