When Emerson, Lake & Palmer are not enough...


An album review for An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual from Sickstream #3. Send to us by Sam from Ohio.


"When Emerson, Lake & Palmer are not enough Anatomy of the Heads" has become our new slogan. We can eat ELP alive in a battle of pretentiousness! I mean two of them are dead anyway. Thirty minute bass solo? You got it!


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Devil's Night is finally upon us. To celebrate the occasion the Heads bring you three - as in 1,2,3 - live albums with previously unheard material. Recorded 2018 on their impromptu Asia tour. So, get those earbuds out and enjoy

Triptych Terror Oriente

A triple live extravaganza from the Far East!

Copper Clad Coinage: Live in South Korea

Copper Clad Coinage is comprising two long form pieces of dense, foggy synths calling out for the creatures who live in perpetual darkness. Calling out to the forest dwellers; the people in ransacked forest cabins. Calling them for a nocturnal ritual out in the swamps and other dark corners of the earth. To light up in technicolor; to burn in paradise and purgatory; to ferment and harden into a monumental, all encompassing statue of sound.


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MAXIMUM:PLEASURE is a celebration of mysticism and clandestinely for electric strings!

A massive composition for oscillators and orchestra.

Witness certain death! As 400 oscillators of maximum putrefaction haunt the night! Hear the destruction! As Japans villages crumble under the ungodly burst of noise and blistering silence! Experience true grit! As a rag-tag team of professional musicians brave Death! And Rejoice! As walls of sound and tidal waves of fire purify your ears!


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Exorcisme Langsung Di Dataran Minahasa: Live in Indonesia

Hypnotic rhythms and high atmosphere! This concoction of otherworldly noises is like vapor dancing through the nighttime sky. Always the same, yet always different, as if all instruments gradually dissolve into evil shapes that levitate towards ascension in another dimension (accompanied, of course, by a lot of ghostly and ghastly sounds).


Heed the call of the jungle people, eat your brain-brain and



Terima Kasih!




An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual brings you muzak from the darkest corners of the mind! No hut can stand against it, and no village can escape its curse! Go to: or click on the picture to the right to get a full dose of Experimental Exotica. The album comes with five videos, album trailer, and a jazzy booklet.

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