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let us start 2021 with a BANG! It is that time again! In the hearts of cruel megacities men exit work and enter the remnants of a bygone era. Drunk on moonlight, they slip into purple reveries. Emerald fantasies bejewel their minds and enrapture their souls. Bedazzled they ask: „Is this all there is?“

Suddenly! An idea emerges! An escape! A return to reality! A way home! And so they look, wonder and long for: A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition! Anatomy of the Heads sophomore album set for release on August the 22nd of 2021! Based on a series of declassified CIA experiments that aim to induce amnesia through the use of pulsed microwaves, A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition promises to bring YOU, in a non-legally binding way, a pilgrimage through dense vegetation of explosive jazz-rock. Follow the light of the blood moon and come home!

NEW SINGLE: Blow Upon My Death Whistle

 More whistleblowing on TROUBLESOME NIGHTS 2! Ease your guilty consciousness by blowing some pipe at midnight. Get into the Halloween spirit with these thinly veiled innuendos and Blow Upon My Death Whistle with MMRK, DJ盲目, Soul▲Craft, and MC 絶句.


For many centuries, horror was supplied by the physical exertion of sedentary men and lesser animals, but this year rising from vast, open wetlands our haunting call stalks the night. Breeding season is over! Our howl of terror is traveling thousands of kilometers from our bloodstained altar to devour your souls! Fuel our internal combustion engines! Our hunger is great! May the winch and pulley hoist lead to a widespread replacement of ramps as the main means of vertical motion.


Stalk your pray and kick out the ramps with TROUBLESOME NIGHTS 2! The annual Halloween compilation by Engram Recordings from Germany! It is pretty spooky, huh folks?

Enchanted with the aura of death absorbed from the pain and suffering from sacrificial victims, Outside Cat drops their first compilation including us... Anatomy Of Heads.


We sacrificed three letters of our band name at ancient sacrificial sites after a pilgrimage through lost barrows and treacherous jungle terrain - that's how evil this compilation is. A blast from this compilation may cause fear for 2D10 hours while knocking down small creatures, blowing out light sources, blinding and disrupting foes, and negating missile attacks.

No more books! No more thinking! Play the Jeritan track on this compilation in unison with Blow Upon My Death Whistle to summon a jungle demon. From the blood of a thousand cranes rises Outside Cat Volume 1. Look at you now! You had to push me didn't you? Look at what you made me do! Look at you lying there dead in the corner. Now you are dead. We are all dead.


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have another one! We are proud to premiere a second new single called Blow Upon My Death Whistle on Vacuum Noise Records' Evolving Compilation. The evolving compilation is a compilation where tracks by different artists will be added daily, hence the track list will be altered on a daily basis until 31.12.2020.


In this spirit, we extend our most courteous invitation to evolve with us by imitating animal calls and the noise of the wind or storms. Join us is in death ritual and slay your former-self by assuming the name, garb, and attributes of the lord of hellfire to burn your tiny mind. Our song will help you - yes YOU! - dear friend, to be like the noise a weird wind in the night makes when it hurries through the empty streets of a mountain village. Shed your skin and financial burdens as we rush towards new beginnings. Comes with free innuendo!…69

NEW SINGLE: How to Fold One Thousand Cranes

More cranes! How to Fold One Thousand Cranes  is also featured on Imploding Sounds #250!


As the opportunistic feeders that we are, we change our musical diets according to the seasons and our own tonal requirements. So get fat with us this month on a steady diet of noise, harsh noise, harsh noise wall, ambient, drone, noisecore, free improvisation, noise jazz, slamming brutal death metal, grindcore, noise rock, industrial, and anything else fits in your pie hole. Look into my eyes! Lose yourself in my romancing gaze and let us construct a platform nest in shallow water for our family. We are well-fed and have a home now, so be comfortable and lay your eggs.


Happiness and eternal youth await in Anatomy of the Heads' How to Fold One Thousand Cranes now on this monumental 12.5 hour compilation. Stay with us! We take care of your pregnant self with our super low debt-to-income ratio and a Daihatsu Terios 2018. You know you want it!

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while we are still tinkering with the second album you can get your first taste of the new material on various compilations that contain outtakes from the new record sessions. The first compilation to feature new material is the 20x20 compilation by Hïdrō Recordings. This massive two CD compilation features Artists such as Moebius Void, Belial Pelegrim, I Eternal, and Neal Retke as well as a new track called How to Fold One Thousand Cranes by yours truly.


Exactly like cranes, the new track with its large, long-legged and long-necked wire ropes cuts, slices and dices any kind of mollusks. And can be used to lift and lower musical delights and move them horizontally through time. This offer is not available in stores and is only available for a limited time ! ACT NOW!  Get one of the highly limited physical copies at Hïdrō Recordings. Operators are standing by!

We are now everywhere!

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starting today we have decided to exit the cave, step into the 21st century, and embrace online-streaming services. As a result you can find our music in over 250 stores worldwide. In the coming days we will also upload our entire catalog to YouTube as snazzy videos.


Welcome to the new and improved Anatomy of the Heads - the band of grandpas that join a trend when all the innovation has dried up. Now it is actually easy to listen to our energizing moisturizing tantalizing and romanticizing music without having to scour thought the dark underbelly of the internet.


But wait! There's more! While we are working on our 2021 follow-up studio album we are releasing some outtakes as singles on various compilations. Follow our Twitter to get the scoop.


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When Emerson, Lake & Palmer are not enough...


An album review for An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual from Sickstream #3. Send to us by Sam from Ohio.


"When Emerson, Lake & Palmer are not enough Anatomy of the Heads" has become our new slogan. We can eat ELP alive in a battle of pretentiousness! I mean two of them are dead anyway. Thirty minute bass solo? You got it!


If you find more reviews of our music please send them to:

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Anatomy of the Heads merch is the best way to step up your luau game. Aim with choice! Every shirt is a strong bag of culture and reason to give voice to your chest. Respected detail! Jet set and hard-boiled! Very enjoyable! Very tidy! Very neat! Quality that looks and feels like slave labor. Jump in and boil with us! Printed on demand via Spreadshirt.


Visit our BandCamp store for the design shown above!

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Devil's Night is finally upon us. To celebrate the occasion the Heads bring you three - as in 1,2,3 - live albums with previously unheard material. Recorded 2018 on their impromptu Asia tour. So, get those earbuds out and enjoy

Triptych Terror Oriente

A triple live extravaganza from the Far East!

Copper Clad Coinage: Live in South Korea

Copper Clad Coinage is comprising two long form pieces of dense, foggy synths calling out for the creatures who live in perpetual darkness. Calling out to the forest dwellers; the people in ransacked forest cabins. Calling them for a nocturnal ritual out in the swamps and other dark corners of the earth. To light up in technicolor; to burn in paradise and purgatory; to ferment and harden into a monumental, all encompassing statue of sound.


Gather your bullions, make your mother proud and DOWNLOAD NOW!



MAXIMUM:PLEASURE is a celebration of mysticism and clandestinely for electric strings!

A massive composition for oscillators and orchestra.

Witness certain death! As 400 oscillators of maximum putrefaction haunt the night! Hear the destruction! As Japans villages crumble under the ungodly burst of noise and blistering silence! Experience true grit! As a rag-tag team of professional musicians brave Death! And Rejoice! As walls of sound and tidal waves of fire purify your ears!


Give blessing to mighty low price spirit and DOWNLOAD NOW!

Exorcisme Langsung Di Dataran Minahasa: Live in Indonesia

Hypnotic rhythms and high atmosphere! This concoction of otherworldly noises is like vapor dancing through the nighttime sky. Always the same, yet always different, as if all instruments gradually dissolve into evil shapes that levitate towards ascension in another dimension (accompanied, of course, by a lot of ghostly and ghastly sounds).


Heed the call of the jungle people, eat your brain-brain and



Terima Kasih!




An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual brings you muzak from the darkest corners of the mind! No hut can stand against it, and no village can escape its curse! Go to: or click on the picture to the right to get a full dose of Experimental Exotica. The album comes with five videos, album trailer, and a jazzy booklet.

So, make your mother proud and DOWNLOAD NOW!