Additional Personal:

Meet some occasional heads that contribute to our recordings

Anatomy of the Heads [əˈnætəmi əv ðə hɛdz] often abriviated as AoftheH, is your favorite ChiChi fueled CIA Psy Op, Honey Pot - Money Bomb - Operation that will sell all your personal information to Korean gangsters to finance hot tiger moms and buy electricity for children.


About the Band:

His illustrious eminence, the king of europe and imperial wizard of the Isles, royal knight of the most ancient and most noble Order of the Crystal Skull, he who waits at the edge of your dreams, the southern dandy and uncrowned king of Scotland, the eternal bosom of hot love

- Michael van Gore



Some Inspiration:



His exalted burgrave, the lord of all the beasts of the Earth and fishes of the seas, conqueror of the British empire in his mind in general and Uganda in particular, he who haunts the moonless nights, the beast more beard then man and remorseless bass machine

-  J. Heiderich


Some stuff he is currently listening to, since he is beyond tradition:


His serenest Earl, the scourge of the proletariat and everything unrefined, the man with many goats and keeper of the Yantarnaya Komnata, the original ladies man and walking existential nightmare, Lenin's ghost

   - Ja-Rome Fischah



    ...some guy with his bass.

                                                      - Gristoph Gotsch


So, how did it all start?