NEW TRACK: Saltwater Hum

A new year is upon us! Let's start this year with a brand-new track called 'Saltwater Hum' for Abstract Trauma Recordings. Listen and hear our prophecy! The moon will rise in full over the high mountains. With eyes to the south, the new sage sees it: disciples invited to become immortal, their hands folded, their bodies in the fire. Honey, more precious than candle wax. Eat in despair! The sun will burn, and the shining seas will boil. And with a mighty clamor, they will rise from the briny clandestine kingdoms to wage war against us - the surface dwellers. To reclaim what is theirs and theirs alone! For gravity is the curse of the earth and not its blessing. After being driven underground by their creators thousands of years ago, during the Great Cataclysm. They settled in the damp and dark bowls of the earth, hidden in the endless depths of the oceans. Alone with the darkness to let their hatred fester and grow. Will you survive the horrors of 2022? And if so, what will be left of you?


NEW Release: Everything Lasts Forever And Nothing Ever Dies

More drama - more drone! Next year we will finally start dropping physical releases. In the meantime, we're kicking things off with a compilation! Boutique label Difficult Art And Music has selected our track "Drama at Spirit Lake" for their contemporary drone compilation titled "Everything Lasts Forever And Nothing Ever Dies: a compendium of Drone in all its guises". The compilation is available as a digital release on Bandcamp, but also on gorgeous magnetic cassettes! The label specializes in "short-lived, research-oriented art objects" and felt the need to throw some AoftheH into the mix, because big drama + big drone = big brain!

The tape is limited to 25 copies and comes with a research magazine and art print! Get it while it's hot! Operators are standing by! Go deep, go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR))))))))))))))) and vibrate through the winter with Anatomy of the Heads and Everything Lasts Forever And Nothing Ever Dies. OUT NOW on MC via Difficult Art And Music.


NEW TRACK: On the Fusion of Ants

Hello, students. School has begun. The Summer is over. I, am in command. *GROANING* What was that? For that little outburst, each and every one of you will spend 3 hours in detention, today, immediately after school, in the basement! ...What do you think you’re doing? Anatomy of the Heads? What kind of a man desecrates a defenseless text book?! I’ve got a good mind to slap your fat face! You are destroying your life with that...that...that garbage! Alright, MISTER HEADS! I want you to tell me... No, better yet, STAND UP and tell the class - What do you wanna do with your life?!

I wanna rock and roll all night and study the taxonomy of ants. For it contains the secret of life and death. Once, I have penetrated its secret I will reach my final form and produce the finest of royal jelly! From ancient pyramids undisturbed by your meddling civilizations, my brood will rise and lay waste upon the city of man! And it is only them, the conquering master race of ants that will decide if you shall be consumed or enslaved to work in the sugar mines until your feeble life runs out. ...and now YOU can do the same! With our new track
"On the Fusion of Ants" on VACUUM NOISE RECORDS 2021 SUMMER COMPILATION! The perfect soundtrack for oppressive indoor heat, swamp ass and Capri Sun in your lunch bags.

OUT NOW: A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition

It's that time again! Two years have passed since Triptych Terror Oriente, and now we're back with another offering of sprawling and squiggly jazz rock. 35 minutes of dense vegetation, man-eating plants, carnivorous beats and other strange growths. The perfect soundtrack for this time of oppressive summer heat. As promised, we also managed to open our jaws and add vocals. But beware, this is no simple rehash of our debut An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual. Banishment is a new stage in our musical development, with plenty of new influences added. Check back in the coming days for more information on the album, reviews and bonus materials.


In the meantime, check out some promotional videos:

NEW MERCH: "Volcano God" Shirt

ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE! Our shirts are printed on demand somewhere near you. No need to worry about size differences! INCLUDES FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Includes unlimited streaming of A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Also known as the Tee of Ether Rain this obscure set of stolen fibers causes headaches in ghosts and doubles your climbing speed whenever you think you are better than you are. Stats: DEF +36, AGI +3.


"The fine cotton felt pleasant to the touch: it was decorated with ancient scenes of bliss and prosperity that it would numb my depression ever so slightly. Without a doubt, the island chiefs of Kiribati make a miraculous bounty of raw materials. Well worth the risk of online purchase. This, in addition to the free muzak, would make for a fine reward and story to tell."
— The heroic journals of Apollos Saragih (1855)

NEW ARTICLE: Track-by-Track commentary for A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition

The fine people over at I Heart Noise were interested in the thought process behind the creation of our new album A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition and handed us a mic to share our thoughts track-by-track. You can read the article online at their website or head over to the tongue. You will hear tall tales of tiger sharks, man-eating plants and deadly bacteria. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Your heartblood will run dry as your heart ruptures from fright. You will die fused to the computer and unable to escape your destiny. As rigor mortis sets in, whatever is left of your consciousness will dissolve into the eather and the last sensation you will be able to perceive is the gnawing feeling that you have been had.


It is time! Awaken from your dreamless slumber and venture to the gardens of whirlpools and nymphs. Thread lightly and remain unseen or though shall be smitten by their gaze. Run. The ordeal has only begun. Once you pass the wetland's dangerous curves and salacious appetites, you will hear a call to adventure from every which way you chose. Ignore these apparitions! Go forth boldly! Ignore their cries for help, their tall tales of fire and brimstone - these are nothing but flying fancies and wishful fantasies. You know where you have to be...


Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about TWITCH. The final frontier. Hidden deep within the bowls of TWITCH stand's the Temple of the Headless Blood Idol, and it hungers for you. Come one come all! On Saturday the 18th of September at 6:30 PM PT /9:30 PM ET. Tere is will be muzak, videos and your favorite obscure internet music weirdos. Don't worry though, for us, It is just a video show, and you can find all the videos on our YouTube channel, but we will be there throughout the shown in the chat! You may discover something you like, though.

NEW TRACK: El Culto Del Caníbal (feat. stained hanes from @718TV)

Hear ye! Hear ye! From the oppressive gray lands of soviet Germany comes a piece of tropical escapism. Put on the headphone and let the guard dogs bark. Let the guilty perish and sacrifice 63% of your income to THE GREATER GOOD! YES, THE GREATER GOOD. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS CAN BE OVERRULED FOR THE GREATER GOOD! JA! JA! But this is not time to rant, This is about life and our friend Engram Records. This compilation marks his third anniversary, and we are charmed to be part of it. For his birthday we teamed up with a masked stranger by the name of stained hanes (stylized in lower case to add to his urbane and nonchalant persona) who is doing the vocals. We don't know what he is saying, because we don't speak a lick of Spanish. 


On the compilation it is mysteriously called Culto Del Diabolo - maybe because there is no love for cannibals? Maybe cannibals killed Engram Record's father and raped his mother. We will ask him, but will keep the answer a secret. Such is the island way.


Did you know that the body of a girl was recently found in the lake of a quiet mountain town? The lake is said to have been an ancient ritual site to pagan gods. You just know that the Feds are going to be all over this one. The investigation will go nowhere, and will be guided by nothing but a gut feeling and clues received in bizarre dreams that reveal the networks of secrets and mysteries surrounding the town. Brought to YOU by Sounds For The Soul Records on their second volume of a dark ambient compilation, this organ-driven piece might just lull you in with its surreal tone, and eerie atmosphere. Make sure to check out the whole compilation for all your dark ambient needs! You just know that a little escapism is just what you need!



We know you have been HODL'ing! Let the percussion of precious metals rejuvenate your tired and downtrodden entrepreneurial spirit amidst the twin horror of government intervention and corporatism. Our drums of bronze, brass and iron will beat all night to appease the gods of finance. The graph will go up, and you will be able to afford that gold-plated yacht. Say it with us: "Martin Shkreli did nothing wrong." It is not a matter of if, but only a question of when!


This time, our ritual of fiscal responsibility haunts the Midnight Radio Compilation #106. Make sure to check out the whole compilation for a who's who of the contemporary noise underground. With its epic runtime, this massive compilation is guaranteed to fill your lazy afternoons with beeps and boops, screams and moaning and other phenomena from the edge of music. 





Also known as the Tee of the Splendid Evocation and Deflection, this bold and brash garment makes you more dexterous whenever someone is thinking about hurting you and makes the nearest city descent into chaos whenever you eat a soy based product. The effects will last for one to four hours per day.
This shirt will also give you a permanent buff of +34 DEF and +20 CH.

NEW INTERVIEW IN TQ #45! (we also did the artwork)

Look at it! LOOK AT IT! We went all out on the wrap-around cover for TQ#45 because they gave us a huge special with a lengthy interview. We discussed the important questions of our times, like "Why is Anatomy of the Heads so cool?" and "How come Michael van Gore's raw animal sexuality delights women around the globe?" Needless to say, the answer to these philosophical questions are beyond words and can only be passed in silence. But words were spoken nonetheless. Words that touched upon some background, our mystical side, and some monkey business going through that world of ours. Unfortunately, this time there won't be a Tongue release of this interview, because they want you to actually buy the magazine. But fear not, dear listener, to make it up to you as this picture comes with a give-away: Find Waldo and count the swastikas to win a cookie!

NEW TRACK: The Sensation of Mighty Bad Rum

Lo and behold, the night of the headless blood idol is upon us! The island kingdom of Kiribati pays homage to its altars! Our tribute to their caress of the airwaves is "The Sensation of Mighty Bad Rum", a reverie of temptation and overindulgence. Let this feast of gluttonous eclecticism enchant you with light sedation and poor coordination. Let it be a reminder of purple yesterdays and brighter tomorrows. Let the pleasant headache of intoxication take over and feed your delusions of depression, coma and death. Can you hear the siren's song in the distance? Can you hear her crying in ecstatic loneliness and longing? Then you should know that you have had enough! Dare to join her and your death shall seal the fate between our peoples in blood. Peace for the war drums and eternal life for the rest of us.


You know, back in 2005 there was a storm brewing in some underground dwellers' basement shop, and we asked some guy: What's your name? (What's your name?), Who's your daddy?  (Who's your daddy?) (Is he rich) Is he rich like me? Has he taken any time to show you what you need to live? …and just like that, war broke out. We just got off the Ferris wheel when I spotted some tanks at two o’clock, needless to say we dropped the bomb on them and returned to the log ride just in time before it closed. As it turned out later, a bunch of oxen can look like tanks on a moonless night. We were awarded the medal of honor and retired then and there, vowing to get them boys out there in the fields that slipping slide they have always dreamed about. Danforth wanted it more than anybody, but he bled out just one day before retirement in some massage pallor in Saigon. The waste. It is a shitshow, I tell you. For more incoherent and foggy war stories, check out the current issue of Six In The Heads where our own Michael van Gore nerds out about torture elves in space and bug people.


DOWNLOAD THE ZINE HERE or head over to THE TONGUE to read just the article

NEW TRACK: Three Layers of Iron

Are you tired of watching your cryptocurrency portfolio all day? Do you want a value you can see, touch and even hold dear? We hear you! This epic meditation on bronze, brass, and iron, reflects on the relationship between floating exchange rates and the tyranny of aging, and gives YOU the confidence to invest in physical precious metals today. With the recent nosedive of the US dollar, even us island folk see the grim reaper of hyperinflation on the horizon. So don't hesitate! Let our frantic gamelan destroy whatever filthy habits reign in your post-modern gutter brain and be reborn as a fiscally responsible adult with a gold-plated yacht in the next 5-10 years at a presumed monthly growth rate of 30%. And yes, this is a departure from our usually mellow selves, but in the words of Martin Shkreli "Ooh, baby, I like it raw. Yeah, baby, I like it raw. Shimmy, shimmy, ya. Shimmy yam. Shimmy yay."


You know you want it! A fine garment made for the man in the new millennium. Dress to impress with this stylish piece of clothing to wrap your noble body in culture and grace! Forget silk! These shirts are printed on demand and only 50 will ever be made. Be the bell of the ball at any hospital or medical school with an eclectic piece of fashion that is sure to be unmatched by anyone else in the room. Each shirt comes to you in a gift box and free downloadable muzak. Get them while they are hot!


Hacked, slashed, silenced with a machete, slain with an axe, chained to a boulder and buried alive

the banishment of bloodshed and superstition takes its course.

Yet, they fear the lightning bolt of resurrection!


Attention shoppers,
let us start 2021 with a BANG! It is that time again! In the hearts of cruel megacities men exit work and enter the remnants of a bygone era. Drunk on moonlight, they slip into purple reveries. Emerald fantasies bejewel their minds and enrapture their souls. Bedazzled they ask: „Is this all there is?“

Suddenly! An idea emerges! An escape! A return to reality! A way home! And so they look, wonder and long for: A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition! Anatomy of the Heads sophomore album set for release on August the 22nd of 2021! Based on a series of declassified CIA experiments that aim to induce amnesia through the use of pulsed microwaves, A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition promises to bring YOU, in a non-legally binding way, a pilgrimage through dense vegetation of explosive jazz-rock. Follow the light of the blood moon and come home!

NEW TRACK: Procession Through the Whirling Hall of Knives

The procession moves on! You have entered another chamber and this time the ordeal will be twice as long. Did you think that ye would enter Heaven without being tested to find those of you who will fight hard and push on? Only through persistent and steadfast pilgrimage through the realm of revengeful ghosts can you reach that mythical plateau which is said to be indistinguishable to paradise. In each garden is a mansion, a high throne of dignity that stands in a grove of cool shade, an adorned couch, rows of cushions, with rich carpets spread out, and a single cup that is always full of wine, as well as every meat and fruit that is like the food on Earth. While each and every one of you shall be adorned in gold, pearl bracelets and green garments of fine silk and brocade to impress and delight your beautiful and pure spouses. Wouldn’t this be worth a sacrifice? Sell some XRP and send some of your possessions to Sounds for the Soul Records - your go-to ambient music dealer that has embraced Anatomy of the Heads into his heart and liver.

Japan just gets it! Between hot ocha and steamy maki rolls we have had nothing but a good time there and when the experimental label XO-Archives came knocking we didn't hesitate to add an outtake from the latest recording session to their Whole a Lotta New Wave compilation. The track is called "Procession Through the Whirling Hall of Knives" and can best be described as a procession towards salvation through the realm of revengeful ghosts and showcases us tipping our toes into full-blooded ambient music. Previously we have been turned down by many ambient compilations and labels because our music is too busy, but it seems like we have knocked it out of the park with this one. You know what they say, there she walked as she fell through the door, walk away - looking at pages and remembering lies, walk away - apart from the graves and the place they made knives, walk away - cut off my thighs and whirl through the hall, walk away - walk away and they will cry - walk away. Don't acknowledge hungry ghosts. Just focus on your sugar-cane juice and walk!


We are poets now...or something (feat. 718TV)

Our very own Michael van Gore was invited to the 12th episode of CHECK YOUR PHONE on 718TV. A series of short video segments showcasing the ramblings, musings and psychic residue of the internet underworld, and we are proud to be a part of it. Enjoy the scenic Indonesian traffic and listen to his smooth, buttery voice as he talks about his most intimate feelings towards trees and power lines for some unknown reason. The vocals will sometime in the future bleed into the music, because we're slowly warming up to the idea of adding human voices to our muzak. Patience, though. If you'd like to know more, check out 718TV on YouTube or catch them live on Twitch. You can also take a dive into the 718TV deep lore and check out their magazine SUPERPREDATOR here. Do it! Do it, please, with sugar on top, or the guy in the lucha mask will beat me!


Have you ever wondered what we think of McDonald's and Jamiroquai? This is your chance to get to know us, take us out for dinner and have deep conversations. Spain's favorite Brit Paul PMZ interviewed the whole gang on a variety of topics and I think we convinced him that every McDonald's restaurant should carry chicken and rice as well as a wide variety of exotic animals. I mean could you resist the allure of monkeys ganging up on unsuspecting customers to steal their chicken nuggets? Fun for the whole family. Maybe you will like us? Maybe we fall in love. Maybe we get married and open up a bed and breakfast in the countryside that has an emu farm attached to it. You got nothin' to lose. Got, got nothin' to lose. Before I had a baby, I didn't really care. I thought about the back door. I did not know what to say. But once I got a baby, I tried it every way. She did not want to do it, but she did anyway. But baby, please don't refuse. You know you got nothin' to lose. Got, got nothin' to lose. Got, got nothin' to lose (Well, nothin'). Got, got nothin' to lose (Yeah, baby). Got, got nothin' to lose. [ROCKET SPACE GUITAR SOLO PYROTECHNICS]


DOWNLOAD THE ZINE HERE or head over to THE TONGUE to read just the interview

NEW TRACK: Tahitian Atmospheres

Did someone say field recordings? You want to capture the incidental music we make in everyday life in its rawest form? In an exotic location? Boy, you have come to the right place! We can hook you up! We got tons of that stuff. How about a field recording from a gas station in Tahiti that our own Jérôme Fisch captured on a trip to French Polynesia? Glad you like it. Let us shake hands in confidence!


Now that you are up to speed. Enjoy the pumping of gas, the high pressure water hoes, and relentless traffic among the chatter of the locals. You can enjoy it for what it is, or you can put on your thinking hat and muse about something something globalization bad. You are welcome. And don't worry, this is not a one off thing. We have tons of field recordings from far-off places, and we will release them eventually. Prayers for dead men, screaming child in empty hanger, screaming child at dentist, three monks singing, monkey quaking, and so on. Brian Eno would be proud.

NEW SINGLE: Blow Upon My Death Whistle

The death whistle blows again! We have decided to haunt the cold and gray airwaves of Germany on 102nd edition of the MidnightRadio compilation. Hear our call from the jungle admits crushing industrial drones and bleak serial killer noises and remember the oppressive heat of the summer. Take refuge in run down factories and the bosom of German engineering and know that death is inescapable. It will come to you like the mosquito in the night. Die with us and be composted under the tropical sun by an army of ants or get turned into gruel in the rendering plants of Eisenlager. Your remains shall be used to nourish the unwashed masses that vegetate in rattling cities of war machinery.


All this and more in this nine hour long compilation. You will listen and  learn to hate your existence amongst the living dead and yearn for meaning in the sullen midnight hours of Germany.

More whistleblowing on TROUBLESOME NIGHTS 2! Ease your guilty consciousness by blowing some pipe at midnight. Get into the Halloween spirit with these thinly veiled innuendos and Blow Upon My Death Whistle with MMRK, DJ盲目, Soul▲Craft, and MC 絶句.


For many centuries, horror was supplied by the physical exertion of sedentary men and lesser animals, but this year rising from vast, open wetlands our haunting call stalks the night. Breeding season is over! Our howl of terror is traveling thousands of kilometers from our bloodstained altar to devour your souls! Fuel our internal combustion engines! Our hunger is great! May the winch and pulley hoist lead to a widespread replacement of ramps as the main means of vertical motion.


Stalk your pray and kick out the ramps with TROUBLESOME NIGHTS 2! The annual Halloween compilation by Engram Recordings from Germany! It is pretty spooky, huh folks?

Enchanted with the aura of death absorbed from the pain and suffering from sacrificial victims, Outside Cat drops their first compilation including us... Anatomy Of Heads.


We sacrificed three letters of our band name at ancient sacrificial sites after a pilgrimage through lost barrows and treacherous jungle terrain - that's how evil this compilation is. A blast from this compilation may cause fear for 2D10 hours while knocking down small creatures, blowing out light sources, blinding and disrupting foes, and negating missile attacks.

No more books! No more thinking! Play the Jeritan track on this compilation in unison with Blow Upon My Death Whistle to summon a jungle demon. From the blood of a thousand cranes rises Outside Cat Volume 1. Look at you now! You had to push me didn't you? Look at what you made me do! Look at you lying there dead in the corner. Now you are dead. We are all dead. RIP.


Attention shoppers,

have another one! We are proud to premiere a second new single called Blow Upon My Death Whistle on Vacuum Noise Records' Evolving Compilation. The evolving compilation is a compilation where tracks by different artists will be added daily, hence the track list will be altered on a daily basis until 31.12.2020.


In this spirit, we extend our most courteous invitation to evolve with us by imitating animal calls and the noise of the wind or storms. Join us is in death ritual and slay your former-self by assuming the name, garb, and attributes of the lord of hellfire to burn your tiny mind. Our song will help you - yes YOU! - dear friend, to be like the noise a weird wind in the night makes when it hurries through the empty streets of a mountain village. Shed your skin and financial burdens as we rush towards new beginnings. Comes with free innuendo!…69

NEW SINGLE: How to Fold One Thousand Cranes

More cranes! How to Fold One Thousand Cranes  is also featured on Imploding Sounds #250!


As the opportunistic feeders that we are, we change our musical diets according to the seasons and our own tonal requirements. So get fat with us this month on a steady diet of noise, harsh noise, harsh noise wall, ambient, drone, noisecore, free improvisation, noise jazz, slamming brutal death metal, grindcore, noise rock, industrial, and anything else fits in your pie hole. Look into my eyes! Lose yourself in my romancing gaze and let us construct a platform nest in shallow water for our family. We are well-fed and have a home now, so be comfortable and lay your eggs.


Happiness and eternal youth await in Anatomy of the Heads' How to Fold One Thousand Cranes now on this monumental 12.5 hour compilation. Stay with us! We take care of your pregnant self with our super low debt-to-income ratio and a Daihatsu Terios 2018. You know you want it!

Attention shoppers,


while we are still tinkering with the second album you can get your first taste of the new material on various compilations that contain outtakes from the new record sessions. The first compilation to feature new material is the 20x20 compilation by Hïdrō Recordings. This massive two CD compilation features Artists such as Moebius Void, Belial Pelegrim, I Eternal, and Neal Retke as well as a new track called How to Fold One Thousand Cranes by yours truly.


Exactly like cranes, the new track with its large, long-legged and long-necked wire ropes cuts, slices and dices any kind of mollusks. And can be used to lift and lower musical delights and move them horizontally through time. This offer is not available in stores and is only available for a limited time ! ACT NOW!  Get one of the highly limited physical copies at Hïdrō Recordings. Operators are standing by!