Feature in Car & Woman Magazine (2020)

Car & Woman Magazine #365

Welcome to another episode of IN THE CAR. The segment of the magazine where we escape from the world and retreat in into the woods during a ten-mile drive through picturesque Manitoba. This time we find our ride restricted by the government-issued COVID-19 restrictions, however these restrictions provide us with a rare opportunity to break with tradition, go beyond any physical proximity, and to reach out to artists who would normally be beyond the reach of a drive through Manitoba. Just like Anatomy of the Heads from the small island state of Kiribati in the South Pacific. Joining us on the Zoom is Michael van Gore - guitarist composer and chief medicine man for indefinable exotic music.

The world renowned philosopher Plato once stated that 'Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.' I ask the reader to keep in mind that Plato lived in a time when the word 'gaiety' meant happiness and carefree-ness. And when I listened to your debut record, my mind just sprouted wings and flew to new levels of mathematical and conceptual understanding previously unknown to man. "Wow, that's a bit much, but I like it." We here at Car and Woman Magazine are glad to hear that. What time is it at your place? "Let's just say that I am speaking to you from the future and its almost midnight." In the spirit of the plague. Tell us a good PG-13 Corona story! "Okay, so I am in an Airport in Indonesia at a security checkpoint where they screened for corona. A Dozen people are jammed in the narrow corridor with plastic

barriers on each side and suddenly I feel my nose itching. I held my breath. I held my nose shut, but I couldn't stop it. So, I went ACHOOOOO! So, I was officially THAT guy. Everybody turned into a public health agent. People were horrified and started asking where I come from, if I'm sick or have allergies and blablabla. It was morbidly hilarious how sudden the mood shifted after I sneezed." Ah, Persona non grata. A travelers curse. Anyhow, back to the music. What we find most interesting about you is isolation.

You were born into a time and place when there was an abundance of traditional music that you could experience first hand. But at the same time you experienced popular music almost laboratory-like as just this phenomenon on the radio or on records. How did this influence your musical development? "I didn't know that the song Nothing to lose by KISS was about anal sex, and I was under the impression that The Melvins were millionaires. You know, the whole scene-aspect to it was completely lost on me. The only glimpse into this world was provided by the few pieces of artwork or band pics featured on records. In short any cultural subtext was lost on me and I related popular music into my personal experience with the world. Also, English is not my first language, so neither did I understood the lyrics. I experienced these records simply as absolute music that are not particularly about anything. Later on, I noticed - wow these lyrics to this song I like are horrendous, or hey this is funny. But stuff like that was never a dealbreaker. Because even now it is easy to just tune-out the lyrics and to be ignorant among the depths of the internet. So, the very romantic idea of absolute music and music as individual expression always appealed to me. Kind of the way I think it still should be from an artistic standpoint." Interestingly enough we became aware of your music on the radio-show Aural Bazaar. I guess this romantic sentiment resonated with us too. Can you give us a little teaser for the upcoming album? "The album will be a sequel to our debut record. We keep and embellish what worked turn up the exotica-factor. On the first record most allusions to the genre where purely conceptional or something aching to an insight joke. But the upcoming album will scream Martin Denny." During the South East Asian tour you premiered two video projects - are there any plans to release them in the future? "Yes, we will release them after the second studio album to bridge the gap to the third studio record." So it is going to be like Triptych Terror Oriente 2? "Yeah, in a way - it has been the tour that keeps on giving." The resurrection of the weird exotica will be a marriage of opposites. Imaginary traditional music in balance with the best of Western experimental genres. Sonic brilliance, or devious marketing strategy?? It's up to you to decide.

Thank you for joining us!