Triptych Terror Oriente (2019)

Album Trailer:

The music on Triptych Terror Oriente grew out of various performance pieces which we have been working on as early as 2014. The first part, Copper Clad Coinage, was inspired by the internet revival of dungeon synth in the early 2010es. The idea was to keep the eeriness and theatrics of black metal often found within the genre, but replacing  the medieval/high-fantasy aesthetics for the lush tropical jungles of Kiribati. In other words: Elves, goblins, and the north wind are replaced with sharks, venomous fangs, and the relentless noise of predatory birds. MAXIMUM:PLEASURE grew out of a soundtrack commission for a cyberpunk themed student film called End of Venus. Which would have chronicled an ultra-violent black-and-white suicide-run of cybernetically enhanced misfits for the entertainment of a depraved online-community. Made in the style of Tsutomu Nihei's cyberpunk/sci-fi/horror mangas and Edmund Elias Merhige’s Begotten. Even though, the soundtrack was well in the making, the funding for the movie fell through and the project never saw the light of day. So we decided to put a lot of these short snippets together into one long performance piece. Exorcisme Langsung Di Dataran Minahasa was our love-song to Indonesia, since it has been like a second home to us for a long time. After much debate, we settled on the occult as the theme of the album, and combined a lot of power electronics sensibilities with the old-school sound design found in early Indonesian movies like Mystics in Bali, Queen of Black Magic, and The Devil's Sword, as well as old Wayang Kulit recordings. So by 2017 we had a lot of  new music in our hands, and after releasing An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual we were pretty sure that we wanted to take this new music on the road. We felt that would be a nice change of pace and would help us let off some steam. We had never toured before, because our music depends on a lot on the studio, and we always felt that it would not translate well onto the stage. Of course, we also didn’t want to do a standard rock concert. We wanted something more theatrical and with the help of Sam Ji-Hae, we organized 5 gigs at Art Festivals. Since that gave us more room to go all out with the production.


The Tour

Date City/Country Venue


Gwanyong (KOR)  Arts & Culture Festival*


Ilumi, Osaka (JAP) Samurai House*


Singapore (SG) LASALLE College of the Arts


Makassar (ID) Fort Rotterdam*


Dili (TP) Festa Múzika

*These shows were recorded live and turned into Triptych Terror Oriente