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1. ''Super Hot Fluids Pt. 1" 33:04



5/15/18 - JAPAN
Definitely the most expansive and high class part of the tour. Including a lot of paperwork for visas as well as all around living expenses. Legend has it that if you are visiting Mt. Fuji on a moonless night and stay, oh so very, very quiet you can still hear our bank accounts screaming. The show however was awesome. The piece we planned for Japan demanded some additional instruments, and we started to borrow some guitars, bass, pedals from the other acts that were performing with us. So we went to other acts after they were done talking them into borrowing some of their stuff. Once we had our gear together we felt confident and were ready to burn the house down, we were relaxed and had quite a spring in our step.

The other acts spanned a wide variety of genres including two student big bands of which some performers joined us later. Since as the day continued a continuous drop in audience numbers was noticeable. Many people left the Samurai-Stage to view other acts in the city center. So how many people would be left once we play? The feeling of panic started to creep into us again, and we talked to some other performers that confirmed our fears.  When it was time for our set, only two people were left. Fuck. We send out J. to buy us some time with a fake sound check. So we walked around backstage asking people to join us in something like an improvised live jam. Since there wasn’t much of an audience left to embarrass yourself, and we apparently seemed nice enough, some of them actually went for it and soon we had something like a mini orchestra on our hands. When we were ready even the last two people had left, and we just played for ourselves, having the time of our lives. We practiced a few minutes to rag-tag orchestra eventually fell into a groove. Pretentious - yes, financially sound - no, but worth it.



Featuring the almighty UDDOTOCHI-OKESTORA:
Roger E. Gerlach - Concertmaster, Bruno Azevedo Oliveira - Violin I, Dolores Loera - Violin II, Agniszka Lu - Violin III, Fraya Walton - Viola, David K. Conroy - Piano, Lyubov Solovyova - Cello, Andre Baumle - Bass, Pamela S. Tarver - Flute, Yumia Adachi - Oboe, Ayana Kouyama - English Horn, Summer Perkins - Bass Clarinet, Taigo Tsukada - Basoon, Motoaki Morita - Contrabasoon, Sayoka Nii - French Horn, Ren Nagao - Trumpet, Kaede Sanya - Trombone, Quynh The Tang - Bass Trombone, Da-Xia Tao - Tuba, Fumihko Shizaki - Percussion I, Michiaki Oka - Percussion II, Wendy Castillo - Marimba, Guan-Yin Pai - Harp

Performed Live at Cumi Fumoto Samurai House in 2018.
Additional Personnel: Sam Ji-Hae - Executive Producer, Eric S. Teeter - Sound Engineer, Executive Producer; Li Na P’an - Camera; Jens Barth - Camera, William Gaunt - Cover Graphics; Katusuko Takata - Sound.
Mixed and Mastered by Sterling Sounds, Pearl City, HI

Released by Hyperbeast Records MMXIX