Part III: Exorcisme Langsung Di Dataran Minahasa

Music Video:



1. "God, Weep for the Devil-Charmer!" 25:06

2. "Certain Death Hell-star! / The Challenge of 66 Daggers" 14:11



05/15/18 - INDONESIA
Ah Makassar, gateway to the Indonesian East - too beautiful for a bad show. We played in a parking lot, with cars and motorcycles rushing by only a few meters away from the stage. And in between the audience were very vocal salesman for food, drinks and souvenirs, who advertised their products energetic shouts and improvised rattles - which were of course much appreciated during the quiet moments of a performance. Thank God Sam warned us in advance, and we recorded everything directly from the amplifiers. Apart from the chaotic surroundings, the festival crew did a good job. The venue took place against the backdrop of an old Dutch colonial fortress. With the stage directly in front of a huge, moss-covered wall of large eroding boulders - definitely the visual highlight of the show.

The other acts consisted mainly of traditional music, Gamelan orchestras, idol singers with lots of make-up and a few rock bands. Before the show the usual effort: Charming people for their equipment: Borrowing guitars, cables, pedals - the usual. After our positive experiences in Japan, we thought we could even get our hands on a drum or even a nice Gamelan set, but no dice.  So the mantra of our show became "LOOK AT MY FOOT! LOOK AT MY DAMN FOOT!" We wanted the drums to accompany the basic rhythm of the oscillators, but we had to cut it. Without anything to play with, J. just stuck together a couple of sound makers (including a cactus from Sam's aunt) and kept busy. During the show a special guest entered the stage... the legendary traditional Makassar fish market. This damn fish market has the tendency to become a character in your life. Sometimes the source of great pleasure when one can buy fresh fish and sometimes a villainous dick when you're hit by the terror of his carnivorous odor. It has happened to us twice since our arrival. And, of course, halfway through the set the wind changed, and we were hit by a wall of anchovies. Everyone gagged and concentrated even more on my foot to block out the smell - mouth breathing through the night. Even though we felt the show was bad, since nothing went according to plan. The Audience seemed to like it: A few enthusiasts and drug addicts spazzed through the show, students sat on the floor snapping their fingers in approval, and there was a general feeling of restraint approval and curiosity. Much love to everyone. When we can back to the van we found our fridge raided by one of the local rock bands. But all in all, we are all tired now. Tired of the all the hubbub of improvising and scrambling equipment together for every show. Looking forward for the video installation in Timor. Set up, hit play & done.


*Addendum: Later we listened to the recorded material, and realized it sounded much better without the drums, so our happiness was restored.



Performed live at the Archipelago Arts & Culture Festival at Fort Rotterdam, Makassar 2018.

Tjanorawinatata Lei - Executive Producer; Sound Engineer - Ezenjel Saoao; Cover Graphics - Katusuko Takata and Luca Wonoung; Sound - Wongsojoto Meilen

Mixed and Mastered by Sterling Sounds, Pearl City, HI.

Released by Hyperbeast Records MMXIX